Mito350 Bike Cover

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Yes! Here it is: the finishing touch! 
Cover your precious bike in this handmade elastic polyester cover. Any proper bike deserve a pyjamas like this. Dear mr Hefner would be jealous on this one! Soft and breathable fabric to protect your bike from scratches and dust. Store your bike and let anyone know there's a Mito350 underneath!

Product Information

100% Polyester, Elastic, soft, with pull string and Mito350 logo.

Size or Dimensions

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Tailor made to fit your Mito350 including mirrors

Product Details

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Polyester fabric, washable and to be used for storing your bike inside. The material is breathable so no worries about condensation. Comes with pouch.

Special Instructions

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Store your bike in the garage or workshop and let it cool before you cover it. Pull the string to straighten the folds and secure it. 
Small tip: clean your exhaust end to prevent the black oil stains ;-)