Mito350 Exhaust Parts - Carbon Steel

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Delivery Time 3 - 10 Business days

Are you an experienced welder? These sheet metal parts are laser cut and guarantee a perfect fit. Use TIG or the old-skool Oxyacethylene flame and get started!

Product information

Designed for standard to tuned Yamaha RD350 or Banshee engines up to 400cc. Standard deliverd with flanges. other connections are possible. Just let me know.


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0,8 mm thick carbon steel rolled sheet metal parts


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Exhaust parts developed to perfectly fit your Mito350 hybrid with Yamaha RD350 or Banshee engine. You need to weld it together yourself. A layout drawing is included. Flanges, springs, pipe connection parts are included. Excluding Mufflers.

Special Instructions

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not road legal as you wil understand...